Sugar Daddy dating safety tips

The glamorous lifestyle of sugar dating has attracted thousands of young women and older men to sign up to sugar daddy websites like The relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is simply a mutually beneficial arrangement between two consenting adults.

Before jumping straight into the world of sugar dating, keep these safety guidelines in mind. 

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Rule number #1. Know exactly what you are getting yourself into! Be realistic and develop clear sugar daddy dating goals for yourself from the very beginning. 

#2. Set yourself up for success, this entails not letting money cloud your judgment. 

#3. To avoid getting scammed, use instant money apps  like cash app or paypal.

#4. Conceal your real identity as much as possible until you and your sugar daddy have established a more substantial relationship.

#5. Have an idea of the kind of sugar daddy you are looking for, a lot of websites usually have filters like location that can help you narrow it down (for example, ‘sugar daddies Miami’ or ‘seeking arrangement New York’ ) 

#6. For meetings and dates, always share your live location with at least one person that you trust. 

#7. While you are still getting to know each other, go out for day time meetings like coffee or lunch instead of dinner. 

#8. Should a potential sugar daddy ask you where you live, generalize your answer, do not be too specific [ e.g I live in Miami ] .

Sugar daddies – dating tips

  • Before meeting with you the first thing that a sugar baby will want to know is how big is your wallet and what you will do for them. To avoid any kind of misunderstandings, make sure you communicate your intentions and expectations very clearly. You can then set up an arrangement that both you and your sugar baby can agree on. 
  • Aspiring sugar daddies should be wary of minors trying to use the sugar dating websites as well as scammers and catfishes. To avoid falling prey to this make sure that you are web savvy so that you can easily detect fake profiles. 
  • Have a virtual conversation with your sugar baby first, before meeting in person.
  • Never give away your social security number, banking passwords, card information  etc. 
  • Be on your best behavior, DO NOT send any harassing messages as this will likely get you reported on the websites and ruin your chances of getting a sugar baby. 
  • DO NOT blur the lines between your two worlds, if you are married and have a family keep your sugar baby as far away from that part of your personal life as possible.
  • Last but not least always remember that honesty is the best policy! 

Like all other relationships no two sugar daddy,sugar baby relationships will be the same. There are no written rules for these relationships, however it is important to follow some of the guidelines mentioned above as a framework for a successful relationship. 

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Let’s roll!

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