Sugar Daddy Dating 101

Designer bags, $4000 watches, five star hotels, expensive restaurants and impromptu trips to exotic islands. While this kind of luxury may seem like only a dream to the average young lady. For a woman with a sugar daddy, such luxuries are simply a part of just another weekend. 

Nowadays the modern fairytale is one where prince charming is an older, wealthier man who can simply buy you that perfect pair of glass slippers. 

With all of the benefits that come with dating a sugar daddy. It comes as no surprise that there is currently a surge of young ladies signing up to sugar  dating websites all around the world. 

Here are a few tips to help find and keep a sugar daddy for all the aspiring sugar babies who would love to be part of this lifestyle but know nothing about it and what it entails. 

Where to start your Sugar Daddy adventure

Lucky for you, getting a sugar daddy is much easier today, than it was ten or even five years ago. Thanks to technology all you need to do is sign up to a trustworthy website and create a profile.

The art of creating your sugar baby profile: Describe yourself in the best way possible, use charm and wit to showcase a bit of your personality. Post your clearest and prettiest pictures (do not post pictures with heavy filters on them).

How to proceed 

Once you have created your profile, sit back and wait for the messages to start rolling in. Do not be discouraged when this takes longer than you expected. It may take a little time for your perfect sugar daddy to find you.

When you start talking to these men, you need to be able to keep the conversation flowing. While texting a potential sugar daddy, make sure that you are always working towards a real life meeting.

 Ask the right questions like do you like to travel? Or tell me about yourself? Then ask a follow up question. This will make them feel like you are listening and you are interested in getting to know them better. 

What to expect

There are a lot of acronyms and terms that you are bound to come across during your time as a sugar baby. So let us go over  some of the most popular terms: 

Let’s start with the most obvious, a SUGAR DADDY is a wealthy, usually older man who lavishes on his sugar baby (usually a younger female) by giving them money, buying them gifts and so on. 

A POD is a potential sugar daddy 

A SPLENDA DADDY is a guy who really wants to be a sugar daddy but does not have the money to be one (you might want to steer clear of these ones). 

EXPERIENCE DADDIES are guys who pay for dates and gifts but do not provide an monthly allowance.

The market will be different according to where you live.  So you should expect to meet  different types of sugar daddies who will offer you different types of arrangements. 

From the big shot New York CEOs, the successful business owners to the lawyers who just made partners at their firms. You will be around a lot of rich people, so it is important to know how to behave around the rich. Which brings us to our next point…

 How to succeed in finding a sugar daddy

  • Etiquette is very important. You need to act like a lady, one who is classy, intelligent, speaks with confidence and treats everyone around her with kindness and respect. 
  • Your appearance matters, so dress well. You should always look like you made an effort for your sugar daddy. This will make them  always look forward to seeing you.
  • Patience is an important virtue. Did your sugar daddy promise you a trip to sunny  Miami? No matter what, do not put pressure on him. Instead show appreciation and let him do things at his own time. 
  • Though you should be somewhat submissive to your sugar daddy. Maintain your independence! Settle only for what you deserve and make sure he knows that you are self sufficient and not a ’damsel in distress’. Read about sugar daddy dating safety tips
  • Always remember that this is an arrangement with no strings attached, any one of you can leave the relationship whenever you want.
  • DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET! It is absolutely okay to have more than one sugar daddy. The more people you meet in the community, the more connections you will make and the more successful you will be at being a sugar baby. 
  • This is a lifestyle that empowers so be a ‘smart sally’. Save some money for a rainy day or invest it into that business you have always wanted to start. 
  • Whenever you are uncertain or feel like you need clarity on certain aspects of your arrangement with your sugar daddy. Remember that you have every right to ask. Communication is key and it will lessen the chances of your relationship not working out just because of minor misunderstandings between the two of you. 


Sugar daddy dating often improves on the faults of a regular relationship. Which is why it is referred to as a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Now that you are well informed on some of the unwritten rules of engagement in the sugar daddy dating world. You are well equipped to become a successful sugar baby.

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